roof replacement

Replacement Roofs
- Tear-offs and Re-Roofing 

All roofs are removed, sheathing is inspected for de-laminated or rotted plywood. We don't like layovers due to existing problems that may be under the existing roof and weight. Yes, it costs more, however, it is the proper way of doing the job correctly. This comes from 38 years of roofing experience. 

We then apply an ice guard (rubber membrane) to the lower perimeter of the roof and in valleys to ensure no ice backup leakage. We then apply a synthetic underlayment to the rest of the roof, then apply shingles with nail guns. All roofs are hurricane nailed. At the peak, we cut back the sheathing 1 inch on both sides and apply ridge vent. Ridge vent helps vent the entire roof equally. All garbage and debris is put in a dumpster at the end of the day and ready for pickup the next day. 

Roofing Material Options GAF - Tamko - Certainteed shingles

We have no problem putting on a different brand should you so desire. We also install Velux skylights. Velux offers many options to enhance your experiences, such as built in shades which can be operated manually, or solar powered with remote, priced at a premium they work very well. 

Roof Repair - Missing shingles, leaking chimneys, flashing replacement (aluminum and copper), nail pops. Vent pipe flashings are good for 9 - 12 years and should be replaced even if they don't leak.  Sometimes they leak and you never see the water damage.

Leaking skylight (depending on age) should also be replaced after 20 - 25 years.